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Hi, my name is


Appalachian Storyteller

I am a wife, mom, and artist who loves photographing little moments. They may not seem like monumental ones, but as the years pass, they will be. After the birth of my second child, I discovered the world of emotive photography through the All Heart Access courses by Stormy Solis. I absorbed as much as possible and began to incorporate that into my work. That education combined with my background as a classically trained portrait artist has allowed me to approach photography in a new light.

Since the beginning, I have come a long way. In 2023, I was voted into the All Heart Access "Top 100 Artist of the Year." I have been published in a number of photography magazines and featured on the ever popular photographer app, Unscripted. I continue to invest into my craft in order to bring the best quality possible to the people of Appalachia and Southwest Virginia. We are a unique breed and deserve to be captured beautifully and honestly.

As an Appalachian...

We tell stories to explain the way we live. We tell stories to instruct others. We tell stories to remind us of those who came before us. I remember afternoons of my childhood spent cross legged with cousins on a floor of bright orange carpet, listening to great aunts, uncles, and grandparents. They would describe what life was like for them growing up. We heard depression era stories, war times, school days, and stories about their elders. We would look over old black and white photos to meet the members of our family tree that had long since passed. The stories brought them to life and gave us an opportunity to meet the people inside the tattered black and white scene. These stories gave and still give us a sense of identity.

I would flip through old photographs as stories filled the air and imagine them playing out in my mind like movies. Still today, I love flipping through old photos. I look forward to the day that I can sit with my own children and introduce them to their great-grandparents who never got to meet them. Even if only in my mind, my MeeMaw and Poppy will get to hold and and kiss my babies as stories (and I’m sure tears) flow.

In the digital age, sitting around and sharing old photographs is becoming a thing of the past. Images are lost, discarded, or completely forgotten. That visual component to the storybook is completely gone for upcoming generations. I want to change that. I'm looking for like-minded clients who want to capture the little things; the day-to-day moments that they don’t want to ever forget.



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"I've always felt uncomfortable in front of the camera. I go home and see every flaw in every picture. Sydnei dispelled all of my fears, and not only did I get amazing pictures of my husband and I, but I left feeling confident and beautiful. We will definitely book another family shoot with her."ground to get them. Whatever the occasion is, she'll capture it perfectly. Communication was easy with quick responses and plenty of information. Her editing time was also very prompt. I can't recommend her enough."


"So in love with all of the pictures! I cannot thank Sydnei enough. It was such a fun time and I've received multiple compliments from others. I am obsessed!"


"We had a great time with Sydnei. She knew how to engage our almost 4 year old daughter to pose for our photo shoot and have fun at the same time. The photos came out great! We love it! I highly recommend her.

P.S. Sydnei was a great communicator and very helpful with regards to what we should wear and also shared some ideas to make our photos more special."


"Gosh, I'm in love with every shot! Sydnei did such a good job capturing our family. I cannot thank her enough!"


"Sydnei was amazing to work with and captured the realness of our messy family perfectly! She was so patient with our babes and got some of the best shots ever! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for pictures."


"The best!!! Couldn't be happier with our photos. She was kind and engaging with our 2 year old. Things couldn't have went any better."