Investment & Process

Everything in your life has led you to this point. You are thinking about how you would like to remember these passing days. Maybe you want to have something to turn in your hands once the dust settles. I am committed to capturing unique stories, adventures, and everyday love affairs.

Package Options

Family Photography

Whether you take advantage of the stunning landscape or choose to capture cozy moments within your own home, let's document this sweet little life.


Couples  Photography

Maybe you have a new romance or a marriage of 40 years. Yours is a love worth capturing.


Engagement Photography

Every new chapter in life deserves celebrating. Document this precious time as you prepare your vows and futures.


Package options

Maternity Photography

The excitement and change that comes with pregnancy is a unique experience that deserves documenting.


Portrait Photography

You don't need an occasion to create beautiful photographs. Maybe you are celebrating yourself, a birthday, or in need of headshots. Let's make art.


Newborn Photography

In the haze of the newborn days, it's easy to forget how little this hands are. Forever capture these moments to bring life back to your memories.

Lifestyle Newborn

View my free "What to Wear" Guide below!


How long does it take to get our photos delivered?

Portrait sessions take up to two weeks to edit and deliver. Weddings and elopements typically take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Don't worry though, within 24 hours of your shoot, I will send a sneak peek to help ease the wait.

Do you travel?

Whether it’s hopping on a plane to come and meet you at the base of your favourite mountain, or jumping in a car to explore somewhere that plays a crucial part of your life story, I love a new adventure. If you’d like to scheme an adventure closer to me, I’ll take the trip for free within 25 miles. If we’re going a little farther afield, here are my rates:

I’ll drive myself up to three hours away for a $50/hour travel fee.

Lodging (Cost of AirBnb or Motel)
Food ($60/day)
Flights (cost of economy flight)
Rental car (rental car fee and gas)

What's in your camera bag?

I shoot with a Sony Alpha ARII and a Nikon D750. I will usually use my Sony paired with my 50mm Zeiss lens to give that rich, moody effect to my images.

How long have you been a photographer?

I've been taking photos since high school. I studied film photography in college while I completed my bachelors of studio art. In 2021, I began investing in equipment and more education. I officially started my photography business in 2022 and I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the support!

Can we meet before booking?

Absolutely! I love getting to know clients over a cup of coffee. Just contact me and we can arrange a meeting at our local coffee shop to get the creative wheels turning!

What should we wear for photos?

This is the #1 question from clients after booking. Have no fear. I have a Style Guide I'll send your way! It's a super helpful resource to have you feeling and looking your best.